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Colombia Victoria Farm Strawberry Vol. 7
Double Fermentation Honey | 
First Glance Exclusive Lot
哥倫比亞 維多利亞莊園

An experimental Honey process with dehydrated strawberries. This coffee is sweet and elegant with an intense strawberry scent.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila, Quindio

Altitude: 1400-1550 MASL 
Processing: Double Fermentation - Honey
Roasting Level: Light
SCA Score: 88+
Tasting Notes: Natural Strawberry, Yogurt, Chocolate

AROMA ★★★★★

About Fermentation: 
After picking the ripest drupes and hand selecting them, they werefermented during 4 days, then depulped and placed again in plastic sealed barrel with grinded dehydrated strawberries for an extra 3 days in anaerobic environment.

About the producer:
For the past four years Aroma Nativo has been forging ties between unknown Colombian coffee farmers and renowned roasters from around the world.
In 2022 Luis Marcelino founder of Aroma nativo goes a step further by launching the Veci Project: a collaborative coffee production between coffee producers who have good agronomic practices but who lack of infrastructures, space on the farm to process their coffee and Aroma Nativo
that contributes with the knowledge and processing facilities located in the south of Huila and the Department of Quindio.

Beans will be shipped in 7 days after the order is placed.


烘焙度: 淺
風味: 士多啤梨、乳酪、朱古力
精品咖啡協會分數: 88+

香氣 ★★★★★
酸度 ★★☆☆☆
甜度 ★★★★★★


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